It has been more than 6 years since this project of pursuing a passion commenced. A few souls, equipped with the basic and necessary tools, with what little knowledge we were able to gather and grasp, and topped with the eagerness and will to dive deeper into the craft, we bore a hole through. Every step of endeavour was aimed solely at immortalizing every fleeting yet significant precious moments of the showcase of love in all its forms in sets of photographs. The advent of 2012 signifies the celebration of family and friends coming together to share the ideals and aspirations in the name of what we love in unison – Photography.

The Rated Love team has significantly grown, not only in number as we wholeheartedly welcomed more able enough souls into the pack, but also in our understanding of the higher purpose of this craft and our capacity to deliver outstanding outputs appropriate to the needs of our generation. Every individual in the team, in their effective means, constantly and consistently coped with the ever changing tides of the industry. The population of more than satisfied client-friends is gradually growing through this time as well. They were RATED LOVE in the utmost degree.

We, as a team composed of vibrant auras and good vibes, thought that all these communal growth and gradual ascent everything better deserves an official signifier on the Rated Love timeline. Hence, we bring you a refurbished facet of our logo. Alongside is the word that we are delivering way better and bolder photographs that will make you remember that exact feeling you shared with your loved ones during your big day some time in the future.

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